The People behind the Game: 

Sultans and Kings is a strategy board game set in the historic era of the Crusades and their military campaigns. 

Despite the tragic loss of human life as a consequences of this conflict, these few centuries brought exchange of ideologies, social integration, and cultural diversity to a region that is now politically divided into several countries along the eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Board Game:

Firas Eladoumikdachi:  with no prior formal graphic design, art, or game design training, and only his imagination and creativity, it took Firas few years to finally bring this idea to your table top. He enlisted graphic designers and professional illustrators, some of whom are family and friends. With virtually no capital to invest to mass produce this product, The Game Crafter was the perfect venue where the game could materialize. 

Rebecca Akl: â€‹Rebecca obtained her degree in graphic design and animation from ALBA-Balamand University, in Lebanon and has several years of experience as a free lancer. Her eye-catching and colorful design and unparalleled Photoshop skills have brought this project to life. 

Abir El Adou Mackdachi: Abir has several years of experience in graphic design; She has a BS degree in graphic design from the Lebanese American University, in Beirut, Lebanon. Abir says: "Design is my passion and color is my life", which is exactly what she brought to our board game. 

Jeff Jacklin: Thanks to Mr. Jacklin, we were able to capture the historical cities and castles of the era in a simple yet artistic way. To learn more about Jeff Jacklin click here

Kim Herbst: Thanks to Ms. Herbst, the knights of both sides of the conflict came to life in our board game. To learn more about Kim Herbst click here

Ghazi Mikdashi: an architect, musician, and enterpreneur, Dr. Mikdashi has enriched the lives of many of us with unique architectural designs, music and stories that stem from the heart of Beirut to enrich our minds and imagination. Without his guidance and inspiration, this work would not have been possible. To learn more about Ghazi Mikdashi click here.

Aline Daou: Without the support, and constructive criticism of Aline, we would not have been able to produce this game. 

Antoun Daou: thanks to his managerial and team leading skills, individual talents were summoned and recruited efficiently.

Manal Mikdashi: thanks to Manal's translational skills we are able to bring this game to more gamers and people across the globe.