A historical military strategy game set in the era of the Crusades. 2-4 players compete to occupy and rule the cities and castles of the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea.
After setting up the armies, players take turns in moving their different units (infantry, cavalry, archers, sultans and kings, to name a few), on the map, across cities, castles and lands.
Battles occur when two players occupy the same area. Battle and Strategy cards help add some strategy to this dice-based game.
As they occupy and rule these castles, cities and/or lands, players collect cards and accumulate points. Points are used to purchase new units or pay ransom for captured units in battle.
The player with the most city and castle cards wins, after a predetermined number of rounds has been played.

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Sultans and Kings tabletop board game


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NEW Sultans and Kings: Missions

An expansion for the original Sultans and Kings board game